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A Healthy Life

Living a healthier life isn't just a New Year's resolution, we must understand that our health is really the most important thing and without it, nothing else matters. And although these are phrases that we hear a lot, we see them everywhere and they are repeated to us in the media, we must be aware of their meaning.


Happy couple in their morning exercise at a park


The importance of a Healthy Life

We want to have a healthier life, not to live longer, but to live the time we have, better. To enjoy our life in the best way possible, reduce illnesses, discomfort, expenses and have more time to spend with our loved ones. Living a healthy life can not only give us more time to live, but it can give us a better quality of life while we are here.

Change towards Health

We don't have to change our lives completely to “turn” you into a healthy person. It is not a matter of going out for a daily run or running a marathon. It is not a matter of “not drinking beer anymore” or “eating only lettuce”. We do not have to eliminate the things we like to be healthier, in fact, it is not a matter of "converting" or eliminating things from your life, but of incorporating things into our lives that help us be healthier little by little. And little by littlealso, decide if there are things that are worth eliminating, to live better. It is a matter of choice. These are small decisions that in the long run lead us to live a better quality of life.

The most important step is to recognize that we want to change and start making those small changes, taking those small but very important decisions and being convinced to carry them out. But where to start? What are we doing wrong? What are we not doing?


Areas of Focus

Although there are many theories and suggestions around this topic, the vast majority of experts focus on 3 main areas. Nutrition, Exercise or Movement and Stress. We want to have better nutrition, more movement and less stress. It's that simple and that difficult at the same time.



In terms of nutrition, a lot is said and they contradict each other even more, but there are things that no one can deny and these are:

a) the need to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into our diet,

b) reduce the consumption of junk food,

c) reduce the amount of red meat,

d) reduce the amount of fried food,

e) increase the amount of water consumed per day and

f) substantially reduce the consumption of sugar and chemical sweeteners.

With these small changes and reducing our portions so we don't get “stuffed”, we can start.



Speaking of exercise, the most important thing is movement. Do something, even if it is a little, but do it frequently. For example, 30 minutes of walking around our block a day is a good start. And as we get better physical condition, we can increase the distance and time, the most important thing is to do it frequently. Even if it is small, but daily.



And the most difficult area, stress. The first thing is to recognize when we are in a situation or environment that generates stress. If we cannot eliminate it, we can take some measures to reduce the negative effect it may have on us. Daily walks help a lot, making space daily to focus on our breathing is very beneficial, giving ourselves time to read or listen to music and have conversations with friends is ideal. As long as we do it consciously.

After all, remember that the most important thing is to have the discipline to carry out these suggestions little by little and to do them frequently for them to become a healthy habit.


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